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3/8” Rapid Micro (RM): robust and reliable comfort saw chain

The STIHL 3/8” Rapid Micro (RM) saw chain is comfortable and reliable to use. It is ideal for occasional tasks and work in agriculture. The saw chain also offers high cutting quality with low vibration as you cut. This means that you can not only saw trees and branches easily and cleanly, but also guide a chainsaw such as the STIHL MS 311 precisely and safely. The robustness and resilience of the chainsaw chain ensure that you can also carry out clean and effective cuts when cutting firewood.

Another advantage of this 3/8-inch comfort saw chain with a 1.5 mm drive link thickness is that it has a low chattering tendency when cutting, so that you can guide the chainsaw even better and therefore work more comfortably. You can re-sharpen the saw chain with a STIHL sharpening set.

Rapid Micro

Tehnički podaci

Korak lanca9,32mm/3/8"
Debljina pogonske karike1,5mm/.058"
Dužina vodilice 1(*)nicht relevant
Broj pogonskih karika1640 Tg

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