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Foam nozzle for RE 80 to RE 170 PLUS: Increase cleaning performance with high-pressure cleaners

With the help of the STIHL foam nozzle, demanding domestic users and professionals can increase cleaning performance for stubborn dirt when using their STIHL electric high-pressure cleaner. The STIHL foam nozzle can be connected to the spray lance to add detergent to the water jet. Depending on the cleaning task, you can set the direction and angle of the spray jet on the STIHL foam nozzle from vertical to horizontal.

You can easily adjust the concentration of the detergent via the dosing knob on the STIHL foam nozzle. The bottle with large filler opening is made of semi-transparent plastic with a marked scale so that you can always clearly see the fill level. The dense and long-lasting foam sprayed enables you to clean effectively. In this way, you can achieve optimum results with easy handling.

The STIHL foam nozzle is available in 2 variants and suitable for the following high-pressure cleaners:

Foam nozzle

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