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Tehnički podaci

H-vrednost31 dB
M-vrednost24 dB
L-vrednost18 dB
Bluetooth profilStandard 4.1, A2DP 1.2, HSP 1.1, HFP 1.6
Unutrašnji elementi6-Punkt

ADVANCE X-Vent Sound helmet set: improved communication, excellent balance and high light transmission

The STIHL ADVANCE X-Vent helmet offers professionals excellent weight distribution and therefore very comfortable wear. The face protection of the STIHL ADVANCE X-Vent Sound helmet set consists of a spring steel mesh visor with very high light transmission of 75-80%. This allows you to maintain good vision even in adverse light conditions. The slits distributed across the STIHL helmet ensure good ventilation. Thanks to the 6-point interior fittings and width adjustment, you can adapt the protective helmet to your head shape quickly, easily, and with just one hand. This helmet set offers you improved communication options thanks to the Bluetooth® ear defenders.

Optional accessories are available for STIHL ADVANCE X-Vent Sound helmets: rain protection, integrated safety glasses, a visor extension, and a chin strap.

The following information applies to the ADVANCE X-Vent Sound helmet set:

  • Helmet shell material: ABS
  • Sweatband material: technical fabric
  • Safety requirement: EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731
  • Ear protection: SNR 27 (H: 31, M: 24, L: 18)

Please also observe the safety instructions in the user manual for your STIHL power tool.

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