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Replacement mowing lines as line pieces for STIHL DuroCut: Careful pruning even in tough grass

The 48 line pieces included in this package for STIHL DuroCut mowing heads are particularly suitable for cutting tough vegetation. With the high-performance STIHL replacement mowing lines, you can even cut hard and densely growing grass carefully, achieving an all-round clean result for areas and edges. Thanks to their abrasion-proof composition made of resistant polyamide, the replacement lines are particularly durable, even for demanding tasks. DuroCut line pieces can be used in two- or four-line DuroCut mowing heads and are available in four different versions:

  • For DuroCut 5-2 and 20-2 (item no. 00009303503), size L, 2 mm, serrated
  • For DuroCut 20-2 and 40-4 (item no. 00009303504), size XL, 3 mm, serrated
  • For DuroCut 40-4 (item no. 00009303505), size XXL, 4 mm, serrated
  • For DuroCut 40-4 (item no. 00009303605), size XXL, 4 mm, round

The replacement line pieces for DuroCut mowing heads are also ideal for trimming under a hedge: With the robust, long-lasting elastic trimmer lines, you can remove tough or dense grass quickly and effectively. If the old line pieces are worn out, they can be replaced quickly and easily. The line pieces should also be replaced regularly for optimal mowing results.

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