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Universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools: Safe for green cuttings

With STIHL universal guards for mowing heads and metal tools, you can prevent grass and stones from being thrown in your direction during work. They are caught by the plastic screen and fall to the ground. This is because, for example, when trimming lawn edges on beds or on house walls, small stones may also come loose in addition to grass. Together with the cuttings, they are thrown away by the rotating cutting tool.

The universal guard is designed so that you can easily attach it to various models of STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws. Whether you work with a line mowing head or a grass cutting blade: STIHL universal guards for mowing heads and metal tools protect you during gardening work. The universal guard is suitable for small grass cuttings as well as for trimming hedges, bushes and hard vegetation. It can be optionally extended with an apron, which is particularly advantageous for large, long-stemmed cuttings or stony ground.

You can use this guard with the discontinued STIHL FS 500 and STIHL FS 550 clearing saws.

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