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FUNCTION safety glasses: protection for the eyes and side sections, including for spectacle wearers

STIHL FUNCTION safety glasses offer protection during professional and domestic work, for example in horticulture or landscaping. STIHL glasses meet the requirements of ballistic protection class F (45 m/s) for this purpose. Thanks to the side protection, your eyes are very well shielded. This keeps branches, flying splinters and other small parts away from your eyes, meaning you can work safely in almost any position. Holes have been made in the side protection to reduce fogging of the lenses. STIHL FUNCTION safety glasses are also suitable for people who wear glasses. They are scratch-resistant and therefore durable.

STIHL FUNCTION safety glasses with 100% UV protection are available in a clear lens colour.

Further information:

  • Ballistic protection class: F (45 m/s)
  • Safety requirement: EN 166

Please also observe the safety instructions in the user manual for your STIHL power tool.

  • UV safety glasses, perfect for low-light situations
  • For professional and domestic work
  • Glass colour: Clear
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