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Guards for circular saw blades: Protection against flying cuttings

STIHL guards for circular saw blades ensure that cuttings from hard plants such as bushes and thin tree trunks are not swirled up and out through the toothing unchecked in your direction by the quick saw blade rotation. This protects you and everyone else in your immediate vicinity. This STIHL accessory is suitable for various circular saw blades from our range of cutting tools in STIHL clearing saw accessories.

The STIHL FS 240 clearing saw is compatible with this guard. You can also use this guard with the discontinued clearing saws STIHL FS 66, STIHL FS 74, STIHL FS 76, STIHL FS 81, STIHL FS 86, STIHL FS 88, STIHL FS 96, STIHL FS 106, STIHL FS 108, STIHL FS 120, STIHL FS 130, STIHL FS 160, STIHL FS 180, STIHL FS 200, STIHL FS 220, STIHL FS 250, STIHL FS 280, STIHL FS 300, STIHL FS 350, STIHL FS 400, STIHL FS 450, STIHL FS 460, STIHL FR 85, STIHL FR 106 and STIHL FR 108.

Note: When using circular saw blades in forestry maintenance, a stop is mandatory. STIHL guards for circular saw blades are only approved for brushcutters and clearing saws with bike handle.

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